Orange County California Product Photography

Art Deco bronze as photographed by Martin Worster photography

If you are looking for a Orange County, Southern California based product photographer then look no further than Martin Worster photography. With 20 plus years experience in the product photography sector, I have all the technical and creative expertise to make sure whatever you are selling will sell. With more and more people buying products online it’s of paramount importance that your images pop and stand out. The quality of the image – correct exposure, sharp and in focus, well framed and perhaps with some styling – is probably the most important factor when converting sales via e-commmerce.

Decorative arts and antiques product photography

I am particularly experienced in shooting high end antiques, decorative arts and interiors which requires a high level of technical competence. Of course, being based between London UK and Orange County, California I am well placed for all your product photography needs. Having also over twenty years experience in e-commerce I know both sides of selling and understand the unique requirements of e-commerce business owners. One important factor is the speed I work and can deliver a high number of product photos in one day making sure you get the right return on your investment. As we know, e-commerce success is based on numbers and data – to put it simply the more products photographed the more you will sell in one day.

Italian Venetian Blackamoor Bronze Bust Venice

I can work offsite or in studio depending on what sort of products you need photographing and factors like their size. I shoot using a Nikon Z7 which has a sensor resolution of 45.7 million megapixels and offers phenomenal clarity and detail. It also has a 4K video camera which produces the same extraordinary results. I generally work with two Nikon flashes mounted on tripod bases triggered remotely and diffused through umbrellas to take some of the sharpness of the flash out. I can also make sure the products are featured on a white background, now pretty much de rigeur for all product photography to really make the images stand out and pop.

If you are interested in California based product photography or have any other questions please get in touch and we can book an appointment.

Karmona by Chiparus

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