A partners desk is a large desk with drawers and cupboards on both sides of the pedestal so that two people could use the desk sitting on either side. The term partners desk is actually thought to have come from the fact that these desks were popular in the offices of lawyers – where partners in the firm could sit facing each other. Partners desks are a great business desk perfect for executive offices.
Oval Victorian Mahogany Partners Desk

Oval Victorian Mahogany Partners Desk

You are viewing a wonderful Victorian style mahogany oval partners desk. I hope the photos do this piece some justice, it’s certainly better in the flesh. It’s a large piece and is a proper partners desk with drawers and cupboards opening on both sides and at either end. There is so much storage space it’s unbelievable, perfect for storing absolutely everything.

To each side there are drawers and cupboards that open out to reveal shelved storage space. To the top the writing surface is covered with brown tooled leather with a gilded edge – you can fit laptops, desktops, books, everything on the large surface so this would make for a great home office desk. You can use it as a partners desk easily with two people sitting on it facing each other like lawyers (or attorneys for our American cousins).

The piece comes in three sections, the two pedestals and the top so it’s easy to move around. The mahogany has been repolished so this is offered scratch free and ready for home use right away. It is solid and stable, perfect for working on. They don’t make em like these anymore.

It will serve you for generations and hence would make a great family heirloom. We will ship it to anywhere in the world so don’t be shy with those shipping quotes.

Mahogany Presidents Desk Resolute Partners Desks

Mahogany Presidents Desk Resolute Partners Desks

You are viewing a totally unique large Presidents Resolute desk hand carved from the finest mahogany. I hope the photos do this stunning work of art some justice, it’s certainly better in the flesh. This is the same desk that the President has in the Oval Office in the White House.

This piece is a model of a desk that was given to the President of the United States by the Queen of England in 1855 – please see the commorative plaque that is located at the back of the desk and you can get a history of the piece. You can blow the picture up and read the interesting inscription.

The desk is beautiful – you can see how intricate the hand carved details are including the large eagle with the shield, snake, leaves and arrows to the back panel in the knee hole. The back panel opens out. Then there are the host of other intricate designs weaved into the desk, including rosettes, leaves, flowers, scrolls, swags and other emblems.

This is a true partners desk as both sides feature an open out cubby hole with lock and various drawers. The table top is large and covered in tooled leather with gilded circumference. This would make a great piece for your office, home or otherwise, and is a great conversation piece as well as of course looking totally the part.

You can see from the photos that the desk has a secret document drawer – this slides out horizontally. Exactly as it does on the original Resolute Desk. The desk is offered in very good condition ready for home use right away and we will ship to anywhere in the world. We bought this from a dealer in Bolton after it had been bought from a local business where it had stood for many years.


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