Pair Paris Sevres Porcelain Maiden Vases Urns

Pair Paris Sevres Porcelain Maiden Vases Urns

– Pair gorgeous French Paris Sevres style porcelain vases
– Gold finish gives these a regal look offset by the elegant winged griffin handles


Pair Sevres French Porcelain Tureens Urn Stands

Pair Sevres French Porcelain Tureens Urn Stands


– Stunning and unique pair of French Sevres style porcelain tureens on stands – These stand in at two feet tall so an impressive pair – Amazing hand painted designs including floral sprays and gold arabesques – Large atlas handles, cherub heads and sea serpents to the base – Please see close up photo of factory stamp on the underside


You are viewing an absolutely amazing pair of gold enamelled porcelain vases in the Sevres manner. The urns each have intricate hand painted and etched classical designs alongside the amazing hand painted panels depicting tropical birds (including a humming bird) amongst leafy foliage and vivid flowers. These really would add a certain style to any interiors schemes –

The Sevres Porcelain Factory was originally founded in 1738 at Chateau de Vincennes, France by local craftsmen from a nearby porcelain factory at Chantilly. From the beginning, Sevres created finely detailed gilded and hand painted decorative arts for the wealthy and privileged.
Everything changed with the coming of the French Revolution and the depression that followed. The company was in financial ruin, though it still had aspirations to challenge the German company Meissen as the most desired porcelain for the royal and wealthy. It was declared the property of the French government about 1798, and the company tried to survive with a greatly reduced work force and shortages of cash and raw materials. The government appointed a new administrator Alexander Brongniart of the Sevres operations at the turn of the new century, a scientist and son of an architect but a man with little or no experience in porcelain manufacturing or design. He was however skilled in chemistry, botany, zoology, and geology, a true Renaissance man. He applied these skills and experiences to the manufacture of porcelain in ways never before pursued.

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