10 Mahogany English Queen Anne Dining Chairs Chair

10 Mahogany English Queen Anne Dining Chairs Chair

You are viewing a regal set of English Queen Anne style dining chairs in mahogany. I hope the photos do this sumptuous set some justice, these are the Queen of dining chairs – fit for a King!

The Queen Ann dining chair is a design classic favourite through the centuries for the mix of comfort (with the high backs) and elegance. They’re a solid chunky chair and very comfortable to sit into. This set consists of 8 side chairs and 2 arm chairs.

The high backs are hand carved and feature the scroll design to the top and the curved backsplat. The legs are gently cabriole and feature a shell motif to the top. These are incredibly solid and sturdy with tight joints so wobble free. The seats have just been reupholstered so are free from any previous owner smells such as pets and smoke, always a bonus.

We bought this set from a dealer in Sheringham, Norfolk whilst on a recent buying trip there. We have also shown this around a matching extending 14 foot Victorian dining table we currently have available, so please let us know if you are looking for a dining set. If you want a set of chairs AND a table we will of course arrange a great price for you. This set of ten chairs around the Victorian dining table is out of this world and would be the ultimate in dining. Fire away with questions – and bidding!

10 English Queen Anne Walnut Dining Chairs

10 English Queen Anne Walnut Dining Chairs

Viewings possible in our Hertfordshire warehouse – or if you are further afield I hope the photos suffice!

For the ultimate in dining chairs look no further. I’d like to say they are the king of chairs but that would be incorrect as these are Queen Anne style chairs with the distinctive, solid, wonderful craftmanship as befits this model. Hence, they are the Queen of chairs. You are viewing a set of 10 – consisting of two arm chairs and eight sides. We have also shown them around an English Georgian pedestal dining table we currently have available, so please contact us if you are looking for a complete dining set.

These chairs are unique as they have the markings under the seats incised by the maker so they can identify the top to the bottom. This is the mark of a quality set of chairs.

They have a wonderful fluidity and rhythm to these chairs with the cabriole legs with hand carved motifs and the beautiful back spalt with the scrolling emblem. To sit in they are also very comfortable with the re-upholstered white seats to each chair, hence free from any previous owners smells such as smoke and pets, always a bonus. They look fantastic round a dining table (please check our Ebay shop or email for further details as we have matching tables currently for sale right now. Of course by chairs and table and we give a super discount). I have pictured them here around a matching pedestal table we have available for sale. I think you will agree at how great they look. We can also sell them as a set of 6 or 8 if you don’t need 10.

This set have come back from the restorers where they had a repolish so they are ready for home use right away – solid, sturdy, these chairs are built to last and will serve you well. The veneer to the burr walnut is beautiful and still has the pungent aroma of fresh polish.

The Queen Anne Style is name applied to three separate styles: an early 18th-century style of decorative arts and architecture, an architectural style of the late 19th century in England, and a similar architectural style of the late 19th century in America. The first refers to design during the reign of Queen Anne, which began in 1702 and lasted until 1714. The style extended partly into the reign of her successor, George I. Hallmarks of Queen Anne furniture design are chairs with cabriole legs and backs curved to fit the spine, and a variety of small tables suited to serving tea. Silverware, graceful in line, is unadorned. In architecture, 18th-century Queen Anne style is associated with small residential buildings, typically of brick—as opposed to contemporary English Baroque buildings. Queen Anne style was revived in England about 1870 in the series of red brick London town houses and Elizabethan-style manor houses built by the English architect and urban designer Richard Norman Shaw. Influenced by Shaw’s work, American designers adapted the style to American tastes.


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