Regency Pedestal Tables – Mahogany, Walnut, Extra Large

At Canonbury Antiques we carry a range of classic Regency pedestal tables – these dining tables are popular as they have a very clean and refined design which makes them perfect for modern interiors.

They work off a pedestal system and you can add (or substract) extra leaves from the table by slotting them into between the pedestal bases. We carry these Regency pedestal tables in various sizes and in mahogany or walnut – so you can pick and chose according to your interior or tastes.

(Above Regency Dining Sets – plenty of chairs to complement the pedestal table )


One of our largest Regency pedestal tables extends to 16 feet and can seat 18 people more than comfortably so get if you are looking to host large upscale dinner parties. A table of this size would have three pedestal bases in between the extra leaves you can slot in. Typically the leaves sit on slats which are supported under each of the pedestal sections – they are very easy to set up and use and when not being used the extra leaves can be stored out of the way.


(Above photo: Regency table in walnut with matching Queen Anne chairs )


Of course if you are looking for dining chairs to match your Regency pedestal table we have many suitable options for a complete dining suite. The classic Regency swag back chair would look great around these dining tables, the clean and refined Regency look perfectly matching the simple design of the table. Other chairs to match would include Queen Anne dining chairsChippendale and Victorian balloon back chairs. It all depends on your exact aesthetic taste and interior that you are matching.


(Above photo  Such a refined look to this Regency table and Chippendale chairs )
Of course our Regency pedestal tables can be tried out in the Canonbury Antiques Hertfordshire showroom, nothing beats sitting around these tables for size and comfort to really establish if they work for you. We also work very closely with interior designers and can source other items as well as offering trade discounts or for bulk purchases. Using our extensive network of contacts we can source most items.

(Above photo Clean and minimal look to this pedestal table )

Alongside these Regency pedestal tables we also carry many other dining furniture options. We also carry Victorian dining tables which are very popular and have a certain look and can suit a different look and interior. Please let us know what you are looking for and we will be happy to help or arrange an appointment in our showroom.


Please enjoy some videos of Regency tables from the Canonbury Antiques YouTube channel:


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