Silver Plate Centerpiece – English Sheffield Victorian Epergne

At Canonbury Antiques we carry a range of wonderful Sheffield silver plate centerpieces.



These silver plate centerpieces are the height of craftmanship and dazzling to look at as the light reflects of the silver plate, glass and mirrored base. They were originally designed to go in the centre of a Victorian dining table to serve side dishes and condiments to the dinner – nuts, sauces, dips and sweets. Obviously they also serve a great decorative function as they are clearly very charming to look at, in fact they can make a whole room. They will certainly add a certain oomph to any dinner party – and also look great at other times just as decorative pieces in the centre. In terms of a high end dinner party, they definitely will give it that high class banquet vibe.

(Silver plate centerpiece – perfect for nuts and condiments)

Often these silver plate centerpieces are referred to as epergne which is a French word which means economy due to the original space saving function of these works of art. These centerpiece can originally be traced back to the 1700s. Originally they were a showcase for the refined skill and crafting of the artistan and silver smith. These centerpieces were the perfect showcase for their talents, particularly artist like Elkington, Matthew Boulton and Paul Storr working out of England during the Industrial Revolution. Their skills were particularly developed in Sheffield which as a city is famous for steel on an industrial level but is also where many silver plate techniques – including electroplating – were first developed.

(Look how the mirrored tray reflects the beauty of the silver plate centrepiece)

Some of larger silver plate centerpieces can measure ten feet (over two metres) across and compromise various glass dishes, trays, bowls, candelabras and trays. Some of the models can the central column can swap from either being a candelabra to a glass dish and support. Each different branch of the candelabra will be numbered to correspond to the correct size on the candelabras. They can be admired from all angles as often the glass tray base they stand on will be mirrored to reflect the gorgeous designs. They can be made in various styles including Rococo and Neo Classical, we even carry a few versions that have had characteristic camels on them.

(Crack out the champers with this cracking antique silver plate centerpiece)


Many of these silver plate centerpieces are on display in our Canonbury Antiques North London showroom so please get in touch for an appointment. If you are taking the train the nearest station is Potters Bar and we are 8 minutes from town. We are right off the M25 right near where the A1 intersects in near South Mimms. For overseas clients – we are very close to Heathrow, Luton and Stanstead airports – if you are coming by helicopter you can land in the field next to our showroom as some of our clients have! Nothing beats trying and viewing these epergnes out for size and style – they are definitely more dazzling in real life. Often the glass is the finest crystal cut glass, no expense is spared in their making and craftmaship. We can also ship these centerpieces to anywhere in the world so please get in touch for a shipping quote. We have literally shipped to every corner of the planet.

We also offer great discounts to interior designers and for bulk purchases. Due to the wide nature of our stock and our big selection of silver plate centerpieces many designers use us for our expertise and network of contacts in the industry.

(Always look out for the silver plate mark on the underside )
Please enjoy some videos of our silver plate centerpieces from the Canonbury Antiques YouTube channel:


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